Weekend Vintage Treasures

Wandering around a local garden centre, I came across a trading post at one end. Generally my taste in home dΓ©cor, leans much more to the modern and yet I absolutely Love old things. from broken down old steel factories or homes, to castles, the more in-ruins they are the better. Its the wonderful stories that surround these places/items that I love.

I found these magnificent gems, with their stories deeply imbedded in these items.



Just love this ancient treasure. How to wring out your clothes back in 1466.



I almost walked straight past this chair, until I noticed the intricate carving on the seat.


I’m not an antiques expert, however knowing the great craftsman of old, I’m presuming this was hand carved into the seat. All I kept thinking was “Imagine how many bums have sat on this beautiful carving”.


This for me takes ‘Retro Tunes’ to a whole new level πŸ™‚


I stood in awe in front of these vintage suitcases and needless to say I got that amused ‘You’re weird’ look form my Dad. I think they are Absolutely Stunning and my retort to my Dad’s look was, ‘wasn’t this your suitcase from school?’ πŸ™‚


Oh my gosh, imagine who has used these, what journeys they have been on????

I hope you all enjoy this vintage journey.


10 responses to “Weekend Vintage Treasures

  1. Imagine the women that had to hand crank their clothes dry! I guess I’m weird too, C. I started antiquing when I was a teenager… I think I would have even said the same thing to my father! These places are great for stories. Awesome pics.

    • I know, my mom told me that she remembered my grandmother using one of those!! In this case I’m grateful for ‘push button and it washes”. HAHAHA you know your weirdness is always welcome here, I’ve learned to wear it as a badge of honour. πŸ™‚ thanks S

  2. i love how you called them vintage “treasures”, it’s funny because i feel i connect more with things from the past, that are old, a bit worn out even.

    you get a sense that they have more feeling to them, i dunno… i am rambling a bit, but really enjoyed this πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing your ramblings :), I agree though, they have soul and a story in all of them. I mean seriously, who can look at the latest cell phone for example and go ‘Oh wow, what depth it has, I wonder what story it can tell?”
      I appreciate you sharing you thoughts. πŸ™‚

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