Cerebral Nova

It’s been a good long while since I posted anything and here is a quick run down of the highlights.

Since my last post, I celebrated my 40th birthday and my gift to myself, included my first DSLR camera…happy days :D. Then a 4 month bout of some pretty serious cornea ulcers…pretty scary for an artist…always trying to look on the bright side of things, I was having ‘visions’ of having to become a world famous blind artist…(they really exist, check it out).

Luckily things improved and it gave me a whole new appreciation for my work. I celebrated that, by taking my artwork in a whole new direction and I began painting Wildlife, with techniques I had never previously tried. I always said I would NEVER paint wildlife because I’m a detail freak and it would put too much strain on my already poor eyesight…so go figure, I think I’m more insane than I was before. Insane or otherwise, I’m really loving the work I am producing now, how can I not, I get to combine my love for painting, Wildlife and conservation.

Door’s open and then Door’s close:

A really great opportunity came for my work, I was commissioned to produce 2 African Wildlife paintings a month and all was going swimmingly, even with the heavy workload and then…..

What I thought was a Great Ocean of opportunity and finally having my Art recognized, suddenly switched to a tiny little kitchen sink of dirty dishes and someone had pulled the plug. Fighting against the tremendous force of gravity, I clung for my life to some dodgy spoon (we are now best friends) and watched while, the career I never really had, along with my hopes, went glugging down the plughole. When something seems too good to be true…it usually is!!  Nothing is for nothing and I have gained even more valued wisdom from the experience…I have no doubt, there is not an artist out there, who does not have their Phd in Disappointment, failure, rejection and all the other bombs, that life throws at you.

I swear, I’m more convinced than ever…Life is just one Big Exposure Therapy session…the more “KAK” you are exposed to..the more fearless you become. Hahaha…for my non South African followers – KAK, pronounced KUK, say the U like you would say ‘up’. It’s an Afrikaans slang word meaning SH#t :D. Afrikaans is one of the languages spoken in SA, it’s a derivative of Dutch.

So it’s been a rollercoaster and complete Mind fcK, hence, Cerebral Nova. On a lighter note haha, this photo was an experiment with my SLR baby…a ‘kind of’ take on painting with light and the cerebral storm that can often ensue, from constantly fighting to see your dreams come to light.DSC_1373Somehow this photo also reminds me of the Aurora Borealis…quite apt actually…the Earth constantly trying to protect itself from all manner of unstable external elements…hahahaha, Earth…the ultimate artist…she knows our struggles well. 😀


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