Wonders of the Wild Waters (part 2)

Following on from part 1, here is the next set of photos from my River boat cruise on the Chobe river in Botswana.

I thought it was only fair to give the other animals a show in part 2 :). All along our little boat journey, the banks of the Chobe River were lined with the prehistoric shapes of the Crocodiles.  Sunset was not too far off the horizon and this Huge guy was squeezing the last bit of  heat out of the setting sun. His size and camouflage really amazed me.

Cari-Ann - July 2008 156

I was certainly very grateful for our boat captain and his ‘Bush Eyes’. When you live in the city, your brain and eyes are not that adept at ‘spotting’ wildlife that does not move, until your perceptions adjust to its environment. My lack of bush eyes would have totally missed this beast.

Cari-Ann - July 2008 217

So naturally we had to move closer…This photo is deceptive but our boat was no more than a metre from this Croc. These guys can be seriously quick and dangerous. Fortunately for us, our captain/guide assured us, we were quite safe because the croc had just eaten!!! 😀

Cari-Ann - July 2008 218

We came across two different groups of Hippos, this group was the only one we could get fairly close to because the other group had babies and we could not get close enough for me to get any decent photos. When hippos have young, they are very protective and are known for attacking boats that get too close. This group was very relaxed and didn’t mind our presence.

Cari-Ann - July 2008 215

Our boat trip was fast approaching its end as we were fighting off the setting Sun. As we began heading back to our lodge, we were blessed with some more magnificent beauty as the Sun dropped closer and closer to the horizon.

Cari-Ann - July 2008 060

Half way back to the lodge another herd of the beloved Elephants made their appearance as a final gift. Sentimental alert :)….for someone like me, who cannot travel easily, these silhouettes seemed like nature knew I would probably never be able so see this beauty again and gave me its final blessing, that would stay in my mind and heart for the rest of my days.

Cari-Ann - July 2008 061

Cari-Ann - July 2008 158.1

Cari-Ann - July 2008 062

Cari-Ann - July 2008 219

Cari-Ann - July 2008 101

Thank You wild Africa :).

Part 3, will be my visit to Victoria Falls.


7 responses to “Wonders of the Wild Waters (part 2)

  1. Thanks for the visit; I’ve never been to Africa. This bumps it higher on my list of places to go. Although, my Bush Eyes need work. Nice to see YOU in your element! This is easy traveling… 🙂

    • 😀 thank you S. I hope you can make a trip to Africa, I think you would really like it. South Africa and Botswana have all landscapes rolled into one. from forests, mountains, bush, wetlands to deserts. Glad you enjoyed your virtual visit.:D

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