Tree of Life

To all my loyal friends here in the blog world, I wanted to pop in and say Hi and let you know that I’m still around. With all the caos in my life these days, painting is still my shelter in the storm and also a vehicle for me to express myself. I think if I didn’t paint I would probably have been committed to a mental institution by now! 😀

Anyhow, here is the second piece of experimental work, using a technique that I call ‘free painting’. Its something that I have used a lot in the past and uses zero reference material, I paint completely from my own mind. If any of you are familiar with my paining called “the exorcism” posted previously in my post called “Painting Saved my Soul”, I used this same technique with that piece. Sometimes I will look up pictures, just to observe finer details and then leave it up to my “powers of observation” :D.

With this painting I used zero reference material for her face and observational reference for the tree .

Tree of Life 1

Tree of Life 2


Tree of Life 3

Tree of Life 4

Tree of Life

I painted this in Oil on canvas (H) 102cm x (W) 55cm. (20″ x 40″)

This painting was an absolute labour of love for me, especially with its deeply personal message!

It depicts the deep sorrow that we can all feel at times, no matter how much we get lost in the barren waste land of our own sorrow, there is always a part within us that is growing a new stronger self, nourished by the very sorrow that we are cloaked in. Never give up Hope!




5 responses to “Tree of Life

  1. Quite a big painting! She has a Modigliani feel, though none of his look this stoically sorrowful… I know thats an oxymoron, but to me she looks staunchly sad, like, not quite staunch enough, or too sad, for the sadness not to show. But from her sorrow/suffering, springs new hope. Great work on the tears… and I love the blue of her eyes and the green of the leaves as a contrast to the browns and greys.

    • Cheers Chris :), I really appreciate your great feedback! I have to admit, I had never heard of Modigliani, however when I searched, I could definitely understand your thoughts. Even though her face was completely from my own mind, I really did try to not let the sorrow/sadness take over her expression, even though its part of what I wanted to convey. I think what happens is, I had the concept very clearly in mind and as I was working on her, I start ‘falling in love’ with my paintings and that ends up showing through…it became quite difficult to convey ‘sad’ when I was ‘in love’ :D. Then again…that’s exactly the hope I wanted to depict!!!

      • I think Modigliani’s style is actually an archetypal non-realist one (they have an Easter Island statue look, too)… I used to paint Modigliani-like images before I had heard of him, too… once i’d heard of him, I adopted the long necks of his woman, as well (my non-realist paintings are all elongated (Alice, Creaturina).I always fall in love with my paintings (as apposed to falling in love with the subjects), it’s the only way to relate to them (:

  2. So awesome. I love the shape of her face. There are such great stories behind your paintings. Even though I haven’t been posting, I must remember to come back here for inspiration. Cheers, S

    • You are a Such a treasure :). You made my day, I love that you find the stories in my artwork inspirational. As a great story teller yourself, I really appreciate your support and you are always welcome here. 🙂

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