A brief African history lesson: Lobola, pronounced “Lo-bor-La” is an African word roughly translated meaning ‘brideprice’. It is an old Southern African tribal custom, that requires a man to ‘pay’ his fiancé’s parents an agreed upon amount to gain permission to wed their daughter. Cattle have always been a symbol of wealth to many African nations and this ‘payment’ used to be made by giving the parents of the bride-to-be an agreed number of cattle. This custom is still performed to this day, however more ‘modern’ families now accept cash, instead of cattle, for practical reasons!!!!. The higher the Lobola, the more it shows the bride-to-be’s parents that her future husband is very capable of looking after their daughter.

As much as the feminist side of me does not agree with this custom (on so many levels) I could not help myself when I photographed this cow sculpture outside a local cafe’. All I could think of was “Labola”, imagining what would happen if the Groom pitched up with a herd of these colourful creations :D.

DSCN7229 DSCN7230

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, get creative and have FUN! 🙂


2 responses to “Lobola

  1. The same custom is prevalent in rural India, but the bride’s family has to pay the groom as a compensation for the money his parents spent on his education (because the only reason to educate one’s dimwit son is so someone will marry his ugly ass). And if the demands of the groom fail to be financially met, the bride is harassed and eventually driven into her grave. The tradition is entitled the dowry system.

    Smell that? It’s “love” in the air.

    • General society thinks it has come so far in human rights, however as long as these out dated customs are still in place, ‘we’ might as well be back in the dark ages. I am aware of the dowry system and agree with you…”love” huh..it stinks in my book. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

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