Soaking up the Sun

This little guy was so intent on soaking up the last rays of Sun, he didn’t mind me getting up close and personal. He was no bigger than about 7cm, so I can only imagine how big my camera must have seemed! No matter, he stayed right where he was and occasionally moved up the pole as the evening shadows crept too close.

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I’m not quite sure if this guy was a Lizard or a Gecko? Gecko’s are normally nocturnal. Anyway, I think he is pretty cool.


2 responses to “Soaking up the Sun

  1. Definitely a Gecko, which is a lizard. Here we have Gecko’s and Skinks, both lizard families, but Gecko’s have that soft, velvety skin, while Skinks have shiny, smooth, scaly skin.
    My favorite photo is the last one, with her/his shiny eye… amazing how much life the eye-shine gives an image! I love lizards (:

    • Hi Chris, Thanks so much for the Gecko clarification 🙂 I can always count on your amazing knowledge! The last photo is my favourite too, the eye shine makes all the difference. I try my best to get that eye shine, not always easy though.

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