Land of Giants

A few years ago I travelled to Botswana, which sits on the border of South Africa to the North. Its a diverse place. Covered mostly by desert to the East, hot as hell in the summer. Looking back, its such a pity I had no decent camera at the time but thought you might find these interesting!

It really is a Land of Giants, here are a few of the giants I captured.


 “Giant Potholes”


We ‘travelled’ along this road for approx 3 hours and it was like this, the whole way, nerve wracking to say the least! I swear the one pothole had an Land Rover at the bottom of it 😀

“Phallic Symbols”


These “Phallic Symbols” are all over Botswana. They are actually Giant termite mounds. Most are taller than an average man and they often engulf entire trees…talk about National Pride :D! Google ‘Botswana’s giant termite mounds’ if you don’t believe me :D.


“Majestic Giant”


This beautiful young bull elephant was literally on the roadside, he had found a roadside garbage bin that he was checking out…he very thankfully tolerated our presence long enough to get this picture. He was no more than about 2-3 metre’s away, a bit too close for comfort, you DON’T want to mess with these guys!

“Ancient Giant”


This ancient Baobab tree was ‘hiding’ behind a local police station. There were tons of Baobab’s throughout Botswana, but this is by far the biggest we could find. It was hard to find anyone who could tell us the age of this magnificent tree, however a local conservationist told me, they estimated the tree was over 2000 (that’s Two Thousand) years old. It was a Great privilege for this ‘tree hugger’ to have the opportunity to give this Grand Old Giant a HUG….well I tried! 😀


2 responses to “Land of Giants

  1. That tree is amazing. Reminds me of a trip to Yosemite my family and I took to see the giant sequoias. They’re crazy big. You have to crane your neck to the sky to see the tops. Very cool.

    • Lucky you :), I have seen documentaries on the gorgeous Sequoias, they are Spectacular. One day, I would Love to see them and hug them haha in person. The Baobab I photographed is certainly not the biggest, there is one to the North of South Africa that is apparently even bigger and aprox 3000 years old. Still want to visit that one but its on a private property and very protected…as it should be!

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