Nominated for Two Blog Awards

I have recently been nominated for a ‘Family Award’ and a ‘Liebster Award’ :). I’m genuinely touched that someone thought my blog was interesting enough to warrant any award. I have chosen to thank the kind people who nominated me, personally.

I’m the type of person that ponders and researches things that interest me and when I’m not sure what to do about something, I tend to do nothing, until I gather enough information and feel that I can make an informed decision, I approach almost everything in my life this way….yes I know, it is somewhat anal retentive :). When I looked into the purpose of the awards, the best I could find is that they potentially drive a bit more traffic to your blog. Nothing wrong with that! However that is about it, they take a lot of time and effort to accept and to then nominate X amount of other bloggers, the awards seem to be a kind of pyramid scheme. I may be called many things and sometimes my honesty and pragmatic view of things does not always make me very popular, so I have given this a lot of thought and this is what I have decided to do.

Instead of accepting the awards as laid out by the rules of the award, I’m going to send a heart felt shout out to the two wonderful and talented people who nominated me.

Riikka Marjola:  Is a wonderful and passionate photographer who captures a variety of images and intertwines her passion for writing and especially poems, with the photos. The images that she captured of ‘Helsinki Central Railway Station’ are just beautiful. My favourites also include wonderful photos of her young Son, especially the posts entitled ‘Photo Therapy’, ‘Rock Hunting’ and ‘Reflections. I truly hope that she gets her book and poems published and illustrated one day :). You can find Riikka at:

Jacklyn Hancock: is a passionate visual artist who likes to broaden her artistic horizon, by experimenting with different styles of painting, sculpture and more recently photography. Her ‘Wild Eyes’ painting series in one of my favourites. Her interests and talents are varied, and her passion and enthusiasm for her creative pursuits (and life :)) are clearly evident in all her work. Check out her exciting new venture, detailed in the post Collaboration Painting Complete, “Spring Cleaning”. You can find Jacklyn at:

Thank You Award

I Thank You both from the bottom of my heart and truly hope you do not take offence to my decision. Wishing you all the success for the future, in all your endeavours and I’m truly blessed to be a part of your journey…I’m looking forward to check in with your next posts :).

I created a new category on my site entitled ‘AWARDS’ and this post and your information linking to your blogs will stay displayed there.

Much love



2 responses to “Nominated for Two Blog Awards

  1. Thank you. Very lovely things youve said. I am not offended at all, you can choose to do with the award what you please. I think how youve approached it here is more touching then how I approached it. Thanks for the support. KEEP CREATING 😀 p.s good idea on putting an awards page

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