Cosmic Fish

Well, my impatience got the better of me. This, from a person who has their Phd in patience :), I finished this painting yesterday and couldn’t wait to post it. I have had such fun working on it over the past few weeks.

“Cosmic Fish”

Cosmic Fish

Height: 122cm    Width: 76cm

It was painted in oil on canvas.


5 responses to “Cosmic Fish

  1. I love this! I realise your huge initials are not part of the painting, but what about the giant X? It ruins this painting, as do your giant initials. I imagine you are trying to prevent theft, but you are also destroying your beautiful work. All you need is the copyright symbol on your work to make it legally yours, post it at 72 dpi. Just my opinion, but that X and the huge initials really detract from the beauty of your work.

  2. Thanks so much Chris. I really appreciate your advice. I was given the advice to put the X and initials by an IT person, who really freaked me out about online theft. Yet another learning curve for me! Your advice is much more inline with the research I have been doing, thanks again. I’m going to edit this post so everyone can get a less distracting view. 🙂

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