Can You do this?

The idea for this has been percolating in my brain for far too long and I deciced it was time to actually get to it!

I’m curious to see if anyone can ‘get’ the message I’m attempting to convey? Apart from the words depicted.  You stand the chance to win the ‘Brain of the Day’ award :).

The Thinker

I bought this statue (a chinese knock-off in plaster) a few years back. The original sculpture was done by the great Auguste Rodin. Its one of my all time favourite sculptures. There is plenty of information about this great artist on the web, if you wish to check it out. This link has a short discription about the representaion of this piece, which is just another reason I love it so much.

I have tested this on a few family members, who only ‘got it’ after I gave them some clues, so your feedback would be wonderful….Thanks!


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