Reflections of a Mother

ReflectionsIf you are really Really lucky, you get the privilege of having a Mother  like mine. I was her first born (the prototype) and arrived on May 10 1974. It was an otherwise normal pregnancy until the day I arrived. I was a stubborn little bugger, even then, (still am) they quite literally vacuumed me out, I’m guessing forceps had not been invented yet?

The day I arrived, turned my mothers world upside down, I had this strange skin ‘rash’ which the doctors had no clue about, so the first thing they did was put me into an incubator until they could figure me out. It was not until the fourth day of me being in this world, that my mom could hold her baby girl for the first time. It took another 3 months before my ‘rash’ was officially diagnosed as EB.

I’m not a mom, so I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for her, not only being a new mom but also having a child that had a rare unknown condition. Out of all the options my mother had, not once did she ever consider anything other than: this is my child and I love her no matter what.

Two miscarriages later my mom then ironed out all the physical glitches when my little big brother arrived four years later, he’s quite the stud :).

Mom you are the strongest and most humble person I know. Thank You is Never enough but I thank you for, hunting high and low for the doctors that could hopefully give some answers, even if it meant going all the way to Israel. For being proud to take your daughter into public, no matter what she looked like. For fighting to send me to a regular school, when they didn’t want me because I may be ‘contagious’. For Always listening and putting your arms around me, when I would come home from school crying. For having the patience to answer All the questions I would ask (I swear Mom’s Know Everything). For your motherly instinct, to decide to stop all pharmaceutical treatment, to the horror of almost everyone. For your inherent wisdom, to try a more natural approach to treatment. For the endless chats we would have, when I was deep in depression and your words and love would give me the strength to try, one more time. For the way you would spend hours making me the most perfect birthday cakes and arrange surprise parties for me. (Just to fill you in, I’m a pretty sharp cookie and as much as I Love surprises, you have to be Damn good, for me not to notice something is up.)

Most of all, the things I’m most thankful for, is that you Never gave up on me. You believed in me and Always encouraged me to continue with my art, even though I wanted nothing to do with it. You were the one who supported my decision to go to college, when everyone else was convinced I would fail. For not telling Dad, when I came home from college drunk or the time I came home sick as a dog after trying weed. Again you were the one who supported my decision to move out on my own and even though that did ‘fail’, you welcomed me home again, with no hint of ‘I told you so’. For Always supporting and encouraging me, to do things “My Way.”

Well mom, we have both grown on this crazy journey and so has our relationship matured. I owe my life to you and my sanity. When I reflect back on this life, its always the simple stuff that brings a grin to my face…..For the way you can stare off into the distance, so deep in your own thoughts. I Love you for our time spent on the patio, drinking coffee and having a smoke (yeah yeah, I will beat you to it….smoking is bad for you!!) chatting about, how utterly insane this world is or how ‘If we deigned this world’…. :). I love you for crying together over animated movies. I love you for still being able to cry with laughter, over the most random shyt. Or how you will look at every single photo I take or listen to me ramble on about my million odd-ball ideas. For getting your words mixed up and telling us to “come” “go” out of the kitchen, when you busy cooking and we are getting your way, or for showing me see food HAHAHA. For the time we work side by side on our own artwork, not saying anything to each other. For just being able to glance at each other and know what the other is thinking. And for the million other ‘little’ things that make you so special to me.

Mom’s Masterpiece’s:

Mom, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being my Mom, my doctor, my psychologist, my anchor, my soft place to fall, my confidant and my Best Friend.


Well my fellow bloggers, I will check in with you again next week. You see, my parents celebrated their 42nd anniversary yesterday (bloody hell, they deserve a medal for that) and tomorrow is my birthday and Mothers Day on Sunday, so I’m going to enjoy my real life for the next few days. I hope you all take the time to honour the special mom in your life.


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