Tribute to Jackson Pollock

A purely experimental piece, this is my tribute to 20th centuary abstract artist Jackson Pollock. I really love faces and the story that a person’s face can tell and when I saw a picture of Jackson, I thought he had a very interesting face. It encouraged me to find out more about the man behind the artwork. His story fascinated me. I don’t know, I think I have a weird fascination with the ‘tortured soul syndrome.’

2013-04-15 15.28.02

Funny thing is, I am not really a fan of his drip paintings but the artist in me, can totally appreciate how he completely threw off convention and took abstract, where it had never been before. I think, he tried to stay as true to himself as he possibly could.

I particularly like the old adage “a picture can speak a thousand words” and this is something I strive for in my artwork. The subtleties of mood and nuances conveyed in the eyes or facial expression, really gets my juices flowing.

2013-04-15 15.27.27

A combination of his face and his story inspired me to do this painting. Everything I have done in this piece, is meant to capture and hopefully honour, who he was.


# One

2013-04-21 13.39.07

I had never tried the drip style before (it probably shows :)). His face was painted in oil and the drip was done in enamel.


2 responses to “Tribute to Jackson Pollock

  1. What a wonderful work of art that you have created. Excellent and beautiful. I very much admire the American Abstract Painters such as Pollock and Rothko etc. ( I am a digital artist and recently posted several tributes to Rothko on my blog. I hope you will stop by. I will subscribe to your blog and check out more of your work.
    Walter @ n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s

    • Hi Walter, Thank You so much for your wonderful comment and time you have taken to have a look at my work, appreciation is not a big enough word 🙂 I have subscribed to your blog and I’m Really looking forward to exploring it in more depth.

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