You’ve made me this happy…

I would like to take a quick moment to say a Very BIG Thank You to all the wonderful people who have crossed my blogging path. At the risk of sounding ‘cheezy’ and sentimental, I’m genuinely loving this blogging world. I’ve been having a rough time of late and this journey has been a beautiful Ray of Light. Helping me to maintain my sanity. The dedication, passion and talent I have seen, is So uplifting.

I may just be a skinny white girl from South Africa, (that’s ever so slightly Nuts :)) I want you to know…by contributing your unique creativity to the WWW’s creative soup, has made such a difference in my little world.

I really try to check out all of your wonderful work…I guess I just gave it away…that I’m a newbie blogger :D. Oh well, making an ass of myself, won’t be the worst thing I’ve done!

Bless you all….you’ve made me this happy!




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